“where do I hold on?” {a brief reminder to find your peace}.

Summer has been an adventure, and an emotional roller coaster, as well. Well, I suppose that’s life in general. But something about this summer is especially challenging. Things are rapidly changing… more than usual. I’m transitioning into a new stage of life. I traveled, and my mind is full of fresh experiences. My life is becoming different, and I’m intrigued. There’s one part of my recent experiences that especially stands out to me: peace.

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve had days to reflect, to process complex emotions, and to realize what is truly important to me. In the midst of a changing environment and what felt like standing on unsteady ground, I needed to find inner peace. It’s something to which I must keep clinging until the peace comes naturally and requires no effort.

Have you found that which gives you inner peace? Do you have something that fills you with joy and puts your anxiety at rest? Perhaps for you it is God, a person, another living creature, or an activity. If you’ve found it, never let it go. That peace is priceless. If you haven’t found it, keep searching and keep your eyes open, because it will encounter you, and when it does, your life will be transformed.

Once you’ve found your source of peace:


Remember it.

Write about it.

Spend time genuinely thinking about it.

Be grateful for it.

Pray about it.

Be happy.

A friend texted me last night explaining how beautiful life is, and that is infinitely valid.

Life is certainly unpredictable, difficult, and overwhelming at times. It is through finding our inner peace and being purely grateful for it that we can appreciate life a little (or a lot) more.


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