more, please.

I owe Jesus an apology. I’ll admit that recently I’ve been awfully ungrateful, and that needs to change. I’ve overlooked my own accomplishments and opportunities, I’ve taken my freedom and joy for granted, I’ve expected happiness instead of embracing it, and I’ve complained about some of my blessings.

I’ve discovered that there is a great irony in settling, or in other words, adjusting. This past year, I’ve craved the certainty and security of a consistent lifestyle, as I know many others desire, as well. I have found myself reaching for an ideal that I expected would bring me ultimate satisfaction, and then when I found myself standing in front of the entity I so wholly craved, I adjusted. I internalized the craving, and it no longer remained a craving, but instead became an expectation… and it’s all a matter of perspective.

I’ve always struggled with gratefulness. I’ve always wanted more chocolate milk, more time with my friends, and more success. Greed is such a painfully prevalent part of the human struggle. We are mammals who have convinced ourselves that more is positive, when often, our reality is not even quantifiable in these terms. Our lives are not placed upon a spectrum of least and most; our lives are defined by far more than the amount of calories we’ve ingested, our grade-point averages, and the number of people who like and dislike us.

A cliché statement with much relevancy and wisdom is that there is a large difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. There is a large difference between thanking someone (including God) with simple words and thanking someone with an intentional heart.

I invite you to reflect on your blessings and ask yourself how grateful you are, and how grateful you can be. We have infinite blessings, and we cannot forget to acknowledge them. How often are we grateful for the spoons in our cereal bowls, the dental floss sitting beside our sinks, and the gasoline that fuels our vehicle that enables us to travel and connect with humanity around us?

Gratefulness is a journey… more specifically a journey I would like to take with you.

Thank you. 


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