my special socks

I wouldn’t consider myself a superstitious person. If I spill some salt, I move on with my day without much recognition of the “luck factor.” So for that reason, I use the word “special” instead of “lucky” in my writing today.

Let me begin by telling you that I have two main sock drawers. The lower-right sock drawer is the haphazard one, with multicolored socks of various materials and lengths enveloping each other in a rainbow of patterns. The upper-left sock drawer is the organized, homogenized, orderly sock drawer, with solid white socks that extend comfortably over my ankle. These socks receive the most of my use, since I wear them almost every day. I have several different brands of socks in this drawer, but most of them are gold-toe socks with a thick and slightly rough material. They aren’t my favorite, but they still deserve to have some feet to hug.

There is one particular pair of socks that always puts me in a good mood. I’m wearing them right now, actually. I don’t believe that the socks themselves create a good day for me (which is why they are SPECIAL and not LUCKY). But for some reason, these socks constantly serve as a reminder to enjoy (or at least try to enjoy) every moment that this day gives me. Putting on these socks is like putting on a smile (corny, I know, but I’m Siena so don’t expect anything less).

No–I definitely don’t need these socks in order to smile (as proof, note that I frequently smile while I’m completely barefoot), and more importantly, I surely don’t need these socks to be happy. I’m really not even talking about the socks, even though they are comfortable and wonderful. My actual point is something that I like to remind people, including myself… the beauty of life is often found in the simplest things. Things like the radio, cats, cookies, smiles, hugs, and socks.

I hope that every time you see a sock from this moment onward, you realize how beautiful life is!


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