all of these living breathing stories

I’m tired. Actually, I’m beyond tired. I’m exhausted. I’m also slightly overwhelmed. But the ability to feel a lack of energy makes me much more grateful for the energy I hope to have tomorrow, and more importantly, life is too beautiful to not write about it.

I had a marvelous day yesterday (Monday) for numerous reasons, and when I woke up this morning, I just wasn’t sure if today would measure up. A small voice inside of me that sounded like God’s voice whispered something special will happen today… just be aware. I was convinced that my day would consist of something inexplicably significant, and so I went on with my day with open eyes and enjoyed my Dunkin Donuts bagel and iced coffee and proceeded with my routine.

The first thing I must mention is that everywhere I turn, God is present with an absolutely awe-inspiring beauty. Even the carbs in my bagel are so complex — little art forms with their spinning electrons and starchy goodness… So I probably shouldn’t have been expecting something particularly interesting to happen, because truthfully, everything is interesting. It’s just whether or not we realize it. Plus, I’m so fortunate to have some particularly spunky heart-warming people and creatures in my life that keep my life especially intriguing (you know who you are).

Anyway, my day was delightful. It was simultaneously productive and amusing, as I specifically recall one of my teachers dropping to the floor to do push-ups in the middle of class. It wasn’t until about 4 o’ clock that I was reminded of a lesson so crucial to the understanding of life.

Who doesn’t love stopping to look at some cars for sale? Actually, probably a lot of people hate car shopping, but that isn’t the point I’m trying to make. My mother suggested we take a look at some cars out of curiosity to gather some knowledge regarding a future purchase–I agreed instead of being stubborn, although I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it. We were cordially greeted by a smiling car salesman, which didn’t seem out of the ordinary in any way whatsoever. Probably another car salesman with a jovial smile to lure us into a pricey purchase.

It was one of my mother’s casual comments (she has many) that sparked an interesting human-to-human connection. I’m a horse person, in case you didn’t know, meaning that I am extremely passionate about everything equine. When my mom mentioned that I was a horseback rider, the car salesman began sharing his prior horse training and owning experiences (and most horse people become instantaneously nerdy when they realize another horse person understands their obsession). How magnificent that horses, and any passion for that matter, connect people with such flawless grace.

The conversation was swallowed by discussion of the cars, but throughout this time, my mother and I learned of this man’s intentions to move with his wife to a foreign country and begin a Christian ministry there. They were a passionate couple, willing to give up everything for the transcendent, the beyond, the omnipotent Greatness that exists above all of us. Wow. Unexpected much?

Lately, the feeling of inspiration has been re-surfacing itself frequently in my heart. I’ve been feeling motivated, driven, and inspired by various people and forces. God revealed Himself to me in wonderful (literally full of wonder) ways today, as He does every day… even when I forget to open my eyes and heart to Him. Here’s a reminder to you that we are all sources of infinite inspiration, even when our awareness is lacking. You are a fountain of incredible and unique inspiration. Have you found it yet?

It’s much easier to judge people than it is to learn about their lives… but which is more rewarding? There is nothing more beautiful in the confines of this earthly state than connecting with humanity around us. We are all living breathing stories; we are incomprehensibly intricate beings. Don’t judge your car salesperson – she or he may have an incredible life lesson to teach you.


And thus we’ll begin.

Thanks for burning a calorie to click on whatever you did to read my page! My name is Siena. Maybe one day I’ll tell you the story of why that’s my name, if I feel like it or run out of other things to talk about. But my identity extends far beyond my title and my surface characteristics. I’m 100% personality, 100% life experience, and 500% thinker. That being said, I recently became strangely motivated to begin writing something for other people. I’ve written countless in journals (and finished a few), but I want to try something different, so why wouldn’t I?

Well first off, why am I doing this? That’s actually a really good question to which I don’t have the answer. Maybe it’s an attempt to share my life experiences with you in such a way that you realize something new about this crazy thing called Earth. Life. Happiness. Maybe it’s actually an attempt for me to convince myself that my life is interesting enough to write about in a blog-style format (that’s actually a joke… I think everyone’s life is interesting for the record because life is inherently awesome).

On another note of this not-so-diatonic scale that is my life (a beloved music theory reference), I love sharing my thoughts… key words being sharing and my. I’m grateful for the chance to give you the ideas, productions, and revelations of my mind and brain. Feel free to break off a piece of my thought, taste it, and if you don’t like it, spit it out. As much as I like to believe I’m always right, I know that’s not true. Part of the beauty of humanity is realizing that perfection is unattainable, and therefore inhuman. However if you like my ideas, take a handful (or more). I’ve got a lifetime supply of Siena contemplation – there’s enough to go around for all of us.

Before I get ahead of myself and begin writing a book, I’m going to stop. However I hope that you’ll come back and read about the random things that occur in my life every day… and more immediately speaking, I hope these 364 words were worth the use of your extraocular muscles.